Linear Momentum

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Linear Momentum



It is observed that more is the mass of a body, the more is the impact of motion. Similarly, the more the velocity possessed by a body, the more is its impact of motion. In simple words the impact of motion or amount of motion is measured by the quantity momentum.

It is defined as the product of the mass and velocity of an object.

linear momentum p = mv

This is a vector quantity and its direction is in the direction of velocity. Linear momentum is the measure of impact of motion of an object.

Unit of momentum :- SI Unit –    Kg-m/s

Dimensions – [M1L1T-1]

If two different objects are moving with same velocity, then the value of momentum will be proportional to the mass i.e.  p ∝ m

if m↑ then p↑ and if m↓ then p↓

Similarly, if the momentum of two different moving objects is same, then the velocity of the moving objects is inversely proportional to their mass

i.e. v ∝ 1/m

if m↑ then v↓ and if m↓ then v↑



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